Plan Profitably.

A simplified ecommerce dashboard and scenario planner that helps you drive decisions
with the metrics that matter.

Your most important questions, answered:

Unleash metrics that matter for the whole team.

Help your team surface problems and opportunities with a simplified, real-time dashboard so they can focus on what matters most:

Margins Are you making enough money to cover your variable costs? Is there room to spare for fixed costs and discounts?

Marketing Returns Have you been marketing profitably? How have your core metrics responded to changes in your media strategy?

Product Drilldowns What are your most profitable products to feature, and which are being returned the most?

Plan your next move with confidence.

Run data-backed scenarios to identify the impact of making different business decisions, before they happen:

Discounts Will running that discount site-wide, or on a certain collection, decrease net profitability this month?

Advertising Is now the right time to scale ad spend? If you double channel investment, how much will net profit increase or decrease?

Business Investments Will that website redesign project improve net profit margin, or erode it for next month?

Centralize your financial data, headache-free.

Incorporate granular data from all of your sources of truth with completely automated integrations:

Completeness Operate with metrics that account for all of your team’s costs, sales, and website data.

Accuracy Utilize only the most reliable data from each platform to power precisely accurate metrics.

Ease Leverage integrations to automate real-time data pulls effortlessly.

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